Video productions

Best of high end is powered by video agency Videowize. Right, the guys that produce those awesome Ultra HD videos you like to watch on this site. Video is the most powerful communication tool today, period. So, how about hiring the right people for the job? Partner up with true video specialists who love and breathe high end audio and video. Shut up! Are you a shop, distributor or manufacturer? Contact best of high end today and let’s talk video: euh….product video, event video, teaser video, company video, ahahah naked video? Hmm, thought so. You name it, we shoot it. No silly, with our camera.

Core business. A clear, compelling message is central. Images and sounds help visualize and enforce the story. Video as a contemporary and powerful communication tool. A successful production must be able to move the viewers. Which kind of videos we make? You name it, we produce it!

Artistic production profile

High end is all about striving for the ultimate quality and performance. Videos about the best audio and video equipment on the planet should offer the same level of profesionalism. That’s why we utilize our highest production level: artistic. Are you ready to direct your first movie? Let us send you our brochure on video productions and see for yourself!

  • Ultra HD production
  • ± 8 hour shoot
  • Artistic footage
  • Scenario
  • Copywriter
  • 2 voice-overs
  • Fantastical editing
  • Custom music
  • Advanced color grading
  • 2 correction rounds

Types of videos, average duration and examples

Here are a few average duration times for different types of videos (purely indicative).

  • Teaser video 30” – 60”
  • Product video 1’ – 2’
  • Company video 2’ – 3’
  • Event video 3’ – 5’

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