After a year of developing and testing, the new Acoustic Preference Gracioso 2.0 model for 2017 is finally here. There’s even a Limited Edition version (LE). What’s new in relation to the existing model? In short, almost everything. Acoustic Preference has retained only the technique and composition of the basic cabinet design, everything else is improved. Basic technique and composition of the housing structure were already remarkably effective for any price range cialis in frankreich. Therefore, no improved was needed.

Solid wood integral construction system

However, the solid wood floor-standing cabinets are now taller with significantly more inner volume. This approach provides benefits in the bass area. Bass response is now extended bellow 37Hz; you can enjoy a powerful and ultimate bass, even during quiet listening. The overall droplet design (no parallel planes inside the cabinet) and integral wood construction system helps to reach zero resonance.

High grade features

The speakers have a ‘down firing’ bass reflex system for easier and better placement in the room. By simply positioning the grille near its position on the cabinet, magnetic power will put it in place by itself. High grade Mundorf electronic parts, solid silver internal wiring, and a handmade ‘point-to-point wired crossover’ elevate the potential of the speaker. The ‘flat feet’ are user friendly, protective spikes avoid scratching the floor (making the placement easier).


New driver array

A high grade Scanspeak Ring Radiator provides the high frequencies up to 35kHz. Because of its smooth, linear, and spatial reproduction capacities, the same tweeter is used in both the serial and Limited Edition models. The mid bass driver comes from Morel, the brand which is known for its linear response and natural sound. An even higher grade mid bass driver is used in the Limited Edition version, to raise the sensitivity to 91dB.

Technical specifications Gracioso 2.0 LE

Frequency response: 37 Hz – 35 kHz
Sensitivity: 91 dB
Power/Impedance: 150 W / 8 Ohm

Suggested retail price: €14.990.

Technical specifications Gracioso 2.0 standard

Frequency response: 37 Hz – 35 kHz
Sensitivity: 89 dB
Power/Impedance: 150 W / 8 Ohm

Suggested retail price: €11.490.


Visit the Acoustic Preference website.