Let’s take a journey to the heart of Europe. We end up in Brussels. Tada! Let’s introduce ‘Alchemy of Sound’: a premier store for music, high end audio equipment and accessoires.


Back to basics

With the increasing amount of online shopping overtaking major parts of the retail industry, a team passionate about music and all HQ recorded sound is going ‘Back to basics’ by creating a store dedicated to High Fidelity.


Alchemy of Sound turns out to be an interesting project. The team welcomes you in their 2 dedicated listening rooms to give you all the attention and care that you deserve. They believe it’s all about listening in a warm, calm and accessible location. The catalog is enriched with many perennial and musical brands at all price levels. The expertise of their partners will bring a real advantage for all music lovers and enthusiasts. Listening to music is regarded with a ‘value-based’ approach.   

Warm welcome

Frédéric Oudin welcomes you to this new place of music, intended as a haven of peace, a jewel of beautiful equipment and systems. Frédéric has been working in Brussels for over 23 years as an expert in choosing and combining the elements that make up listening systems. He also guides and accompanies in the delicate choice of accessories and cables.


Alchemy of Sound
Avenue Ducpétiaux 102
1060 Saint-Gilles
+32 474 025955

Visit the website of Alchemy of Sound.