Estelon celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Happy B-day! Perfect timing for Best of high end to have a sit down with the female CEO Alissa Vassilkova. Please enjoy this 2nd part of our interview.

Who are Estelon loudspeakers for?

The Estelon speakers are for people who appreciate music and design. For those who appreciate little details and nuances, and value the fact that something is created with attention to every little detail. The Estelons are made to be as good as a speaker can be, resulting in the highest standard in sound reproduction and design.


Can you describe the circumstances of Estelon’s start as a company 10 years ago? How have you grown as a company?

The company started as a father-daughter duo basically. My father had some great ideas (known as Estelon today), and he really wanted to work on his dream project. I was helping him with some loudspeaker projects at that time, and it was an easy decision to start working together on the Estelon project. We managed to attract more family members to join us, and we were lucky to have some of the finest specialists to work with us. Since then, the time has passed really quickly. With every new speaker developed, we were achieving new levels of experience, and at the same time, we were growing as a company. We also had new talented people joining us and helping us to make Estelon even stronger.


Which Estelon product do you like best? Why?

Every speaker is unique and has its own character. I like the Estelon YB because of its design and sound quality, which greatly surpasses the expectations at this size and price point. I also like the Estelon Forza, because it almost makes me shiver every time I listen to music through it. I definitely like the Estelon Extreme because of its art-like design and powerful performance. Finally, I like the Mk II Classic line because they sound so much like our Flagship Series speakers now. You see, I can’t choose my favourite one 🙂


How do you see the relationship between performance and visual (luxury) appeal with Estelon speakers?

It has been one of the most important goals for us to create something that does not only sound excellent but also looks great. We want our products to be part of an interior, not something that one would hide in the corners of his room. In a way, it is the same principle followed by the supercar industry, isn’t it? A supercar has to look stunning as well. Nobody would like to drive a “refrigerator-looking” box no matter how fast it would be! I think that at some point in life, people start appreciating everything that is made with passion, where every detail is well-thought-out.


How are you going to celebrate 10 years of Estelon?

Our 10th anniversary is an important milestone for us. We want to celebrate the 10th year of Estelon by providing an even greater experience for our customers through our products. We have already launched our latest Flagship Series model, the Estelon Forza Anniversary Edition – 10 years of Estelon / 10 pairs of Forza! Some very few lucky customers will have this unique pair of speakers with the Estelon anniversary logo and Alfred’s signature on them. We have also announced our upgraded Classic line to Mk II versions, and finally, we have many exciting products coming up! We would also like to have a big party, but due to restrictions and isolation requirements, we will wait until the summer!


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