Each device from Angstrom Audio is one of a kind, manufactured in their laboratory with the care that is usually reserved for a work of art. From the simplest integrated stereo amplifier of the Stella series, up to the behemoth and exclusive Quantum series, the wiring of each piece is in full view, and realized in strict compliance with the design specifications of Roberto Garlaschi.


Power supply

The all-tube tube amplifier based on a circlotron design with two toroidal output transformers is supported by a double-stage power supply filtered against DC current pollution, for maximum current cleanliness.Thanks to this arrangement the signal is completely free from spuriae: the result is a clear sound, consistent performance and a complete absence of hum even from the least clean household electrical lines.

Dual mono

The total separation of circuits of each channel, strictly observed in stereo-like integrated products, generates a signal that is characterized by a dynamic range beyond comparison.


  • Circuit Topology: Single ended with proprietary
  • Circlotron output stage configuration
  • Power Output: 10.5 Watts per channel
  • Total Harmonic Distorsion: 0.3% @1 W. – 1% at max. power
  • Output: In Current
  • Total Bandwidth: 12 Hz to 85 Khz
  • Input Inpedance: 100K Ohm
  • Zero Feedback
  • Slew Rate: 20 Volt / microseconds
  • Rise Time: 2.3 microseconds
  • Hum & Noise: Less than 2.0 mV RMS – 90 db (20 Khz unweighted)
  • Residual noise: 43 microVolt
  • PSU Energy Storage: Approximately 150 JOULES
  • Dimensions: 48 cm W x 16 cm H x 43 cm D
  • Net Weight: 30 Kg


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