The revolutionary new Anthem STR Series is based on an entirely new platform. It gives you more control and more power, with more connection options and more advanced technology, with easy-to-use components. The STR Series drives all of your entertainment options today, and tomorrow. The Anthem STR Series is powering the future of audio by balancing extreme power and delicate transparency, with flawless signal integrity; the benchmark of stereo performance.


Anthem STR Preamplifier

The revolutionary STR Preamplifier is a new type of audio component that gives you more control and more refinements, including more connection options and more advanced technology, in a single, easy-to-use component. Designed, engineered, and Crafted in Canada, the STR Preamplifier combines the benefits of an advanced preamp with the power of a processor, as well as functions like leading-edge DAC, onboard Anthem Room Correction (ARC™), customizable bass manager for mono or stereo sub outs, MM and MC phono inputs—far more than the average preamplifier. And it includes new generations of many of Anthem’s award-winning, audiophile-loving, review-praised digital signal processing innovations, delivering a noticeably higher level of audio performance realism. The new STR Preamplifier drives all of your entertainment options today, and tomorrow.


Features and functions

  • High-resolution preamplifier section;
  • Anthem Room Correction (ARC™) optimizes in-room response for perfect sound;
  • Bass management for two subwoofers, in mono or stereo;
  • Up-sampling of lower-resolution sources to 32-bit/192kHz;
  • Asynchronous USB Audio Input supports 32-bit/384kHz PCM, and DSD 2.8 / 5.6 MHz sources;
  • Coaxial, optical, and AES/EBU inputs up to 192kHz;
  • MM and MC phono, balanced XLR, and single-ended analog inputs;
  • Six pre-RIAA curves plus adjustable settings for playing older records accurately;
  • Analog Direct mode;
  • Adjustable analog input levels to match sources, minimize noise and prevent distortion;
  • Graphic front panel display for easy setup and navigation;
  • Balanced output for all channels including the two subs;
  • Home Theater Bypass Mode works without having to turn power on and includes RCA/XLR input for two subs;
  • Create up to 30 virtual inputs for setup flexibility;
  • Controllable via Ethernet, RS-232, or supplied IR remote;
  • Available in Silver and Black Finishes;
  • Crafted in Canada.


Anthem STR Power Amplifier

The STR Power Amplifier is the beating heart of a world-class 2-channel sound system. It delivers massive power generation, with audiophile-quality output in a smartly designed component. Designed, engineered, and Crafted in Canada, the STR Power Amplifier delivers 400 Watts/channel into 8 ohms with both channels driven, a massive 600 Watts/channel into 4 ohms (both channels driven) and 800W in 2 ohms, for true no-holds-barred performance. Inside, the STR Power Amplifier uses two colossal transformers and multiple high-current output devices so the most subtle details and dynamic peaks are handled equally well. Outside, its beautifully designed cosmetics, including a 7-inch graphic control display and secure, highly conductive audiophile connectors provide a perfect match to the STR Preamplifier.


Features and functions

  • 400W/600W/800W into 8/4/2 ohms;
  • Cascoded complementary feedback input stage;
  • Sixteen bipolar output devices per channel;
  • Dual Mono Design;
  • Massive toroidal transformers;
  • Soft turn-on;
  • Four power on/off options;
  • No rail fuses;
  • Advanced Load Monitoring™ Technology;
  • Graphic front panel display for the power meter, status, and easy setup navigation;
  • Available in Silver and Black Finishes;
  • Crafted in Canada.


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