Artisan Fidelity Statement series plinths exhibit natural tonality in conjunction with superb timbre, coupled with a weighty, rich musical presentation.  In short, the most musical, natural sound we have yet to hear.  Aside from sharing base design architecture and remaining factory parts restoration procedures, this platform employs proprietary, resonant tuned by ear premium, hand selected tone wood and layered hardwood and composite material based high mass plinths in conjunction with numerous proprietary, state-of-the-art computerized numerical control machined precision critical high tolerance parts and premium internal wiring which represent a vast upgrade in both playback capabilities, lower noise floor, increased resolution, technical quality and integrity over stock vintage factory components.  Integrated Stillpoints isolation devices are employed in Statement models for further resonance control and for management of undesirable system based acoustic feedback and environmental based airborne vibrations including equipment related intermodulation distortion.  Single and dual tonearm plinths remain nine to twelve inch tonearm effective length compatible


Inverted modular bearing and platter based architecture

Designed strictly for the ultimate analog playback capability derived from the renowned English engineered classic idler drive platform beginning with a comprehensive mechanical rebuild, motor restoration, alignment and optimization.  Featuring the world’s first inverted modular bearing and platter based architecture.  A fundamental approach in lowering center of gravity, achieving increased resolution in addition to drastic reductions in noise and friction is achievable through an inverted type hydrodynamic bearing and tiered platter design. Modern echelon level analog playback front ends routinely feature such bearing topologies for similar reasons. Additionally, the heavier platter flywheel affect drastically improves speed consistency throughout the entire 33/45/78 rpm range.  Although our previous conventional Garrard 301 Statement bearing design was a radical departure and subsequent drastic improvement from stock offerings, the inverted bearing and modular platter design takes the resolution, noise floor and channel separation to a whole other level. Each set of inverted bearing and modular platters are cnc milled using solely state of the art milling machines, designed in collaboration with tribology and hydrodynamics consultants from Purdue University Department of Engineering.