The self-described passion of Artnovion of Portugal encompasses acoustics, performance and customer service. The ambition is to create high performance acoustic treatments with unique visual effects. 

Sound space

To treat acoustic anomalies, Artnovian offers products to cover absorption, diffusion, bass trapping. But there’s no one-size-fits all solutions here, each type of treatment has several options tailored to specific use cases. Stunning visual design is trait that is shared amongst the interior items, with more muted options available as well as custom prints. 

Impulsive tendencies

Impulso App isn’t the name of a magical companion elf, but the moniker of Artnovion’s innovative app that is sure to be your pocket buddy. Available for Android and iOS, the app measures the acoustic response of your listening environment in order. Artnovion staff can use this information to help you get the right products for your room. If you choose to go it alone, Impulso will even let you choose from the Artnovion product range and see how how they affect the acoustics of your environment. Hmm, maybe that is magic. 

There, I fixed it. 

The FixArt Tube is an innovative solution with a template design for mounting Artnovion panels. Unlike similar offerings, FixArt allows easy panel design changes clip-in, clip-out. Changing your panel design is a cinch with up in, clip out functionality. By now you’ve probably guessed there’s more benefit. The extra air cavity allows for installation over pipes or wires and, get this, it improvesacoustic performance of the panels. 

Artnovion wants to help you get the best out of your music. To that end, they offer project support and even an acoustic knowledge back on their website. Along with the Impulso app, the path is improving the acoustics in your listening area has become a little easier to traverse. 

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