We all know the High End Society. It’s the organisation that brings us High End Munich every year, the Mekka of the high end audio industry. These guys have a lot of experience, a lot of contacts all over the world. That’s why we believe they could be a premium partner in organising a global business network for our industry.

One solution for all

What’s the plan here? Well, the High End Society wants to create a solid network that would allow its members acces to reliable business contacts worldwide. They want to bring common business interests together so companies can boosts their succes over the long term. Think about introducing products and innovations, seeking distribution, trading and development partners, recruiting qualified staff, monitoring market activities.


We are in constant dialog with our customers, and we have a good understanding of their needs”, affirms Stefan Dreischärf, Managing Director of the HIGH END SOCIETY Service GmbH. “That is why we are convinced that Audio Submarine is precisely the right tool for acting quickly, efficiently and in a targeted manner in the market. 

Stefan Dreischäf, managing director of the High End Society

Different memberships for different needs

Those who want to utilise all the advantages can choose from among the various options their desired membership, including an exclusive offer for start-ups. Other membership options are for newcomers, pioneers and champions.

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