We all know the struggle finding the right cables to connect our speakers with. Local hardware stores provide copper speaker cable that sounds flat and simple. Browsing the diversity of cable manufacturers you can easily find cables up to four digit prices per meter. But how do we start and select the right ones for our set? Audioquest is adding two new cables to their Rocket family and thus providing affordable solutions so that we can build everything from the ground up. Sensing every bit of difference per stage of upgrades. The Rocket 11 uses ‘Long-Grain Low-Distortion Copper (LGC)’, ‘Semi-solid true-concentric conductors’ and is ‘Direction controlled for optimum noise dissipation’. Coming off the spool at €15/metre (in either black or white). Buying a set of 3 meter will put you back around 100 euros.

Off course there is also an option for those looking for that bit of extra performance. They can opt for the similarly new Rocket 22 loudspeaker. At 25 euro per meter and bearing larger conductors and ‘a blend of LGC and Perfect-Surface Copper (PSC)’, it will provide 20% less impedance than Rocket 11. The Rocket-family will now be covering a wide range with the Rocket 11, 22, 33, 44 and last but not least the Rocket 88. Can’t wait to get going with a pair of all of these!


Visit the AudioQuest website.