AudioSolutions will present their newest speaker series Virtuoso at the High End Show in Munich. Virtuoso takes most technology advantages from their Flagship – Vantage 5th anniversary. Design-wise Virtuoso shares sweet middle reminiscing Figaro sophisticated looks but at the same time having sharp prestigious character from Vantage 5th anniversary model.

Virtuoso is equipped with Mini-horn which is already a standard at AudioSolutions. Mini-horn was introduced to fight unwanted soft dome resonance problem (at lower frequencies due to usual soft suspension).


Midrange drivers

A very wide-range is covered by single driver unit. AudioSolutions is known for using mid drivers to cover wider than usual band and for very simple reason. Evolution of human made our ears most sensitive in region 800-2000Hz because simply here lies most sound information radiated from our predators (note that ear’s sensitivity axial diagram points forward and down as most sensitive). Even if ideal mathematical model of crossover is introduced in this area phase distortion and THD rises in crossover region not to mention that we can detect different point sources when sound is emitted from two different drivers at the same time in crossover region. Some uses extreme low crossover points to avoid this area extremely loading tweeters as a result which in return also raises THD. AusioSolutions chose to use band-enhanced mid drivers to make crossover points as distant as possible.


Three Crossover Profiles

Adjustable crossover where introduced in Vantage Classic speakers. However in Virtuoso we thought – let’s step one more step ahead. While adjustable level in Vantage really solves a lot of room problems by fine tuning speaker to your gear and room itself, we thought it would be next step forward to introduce three different crossovers in one speaker. So now Virtuoso is the very first speaker which has Three Crossover Profiles:

  1. Balanced – a very sweet middle. A profile with soundstage and clarity everyone could expect from this class speaker.
  2. Softened – should be used for prolonged listening sessions and usually if driven pretty hard, it is beneficial to choose Softened mode for harsher recordings like metal or rock.
  3. Enhanced – this mode should be used to experience smallest details in the recording or if listener prefers analytical listening sessions, also Enhanced mode is good for quiet evening listening sessions when ambient noise floor masks a lot of micro elements in music.

Box in a Box system

Virtuoso combines Figaro enclosure self-locking technique with Vantage double box technique and takes it a bit further. We call it Box in a Box system. You might hear us say similar words before and that is true because Figaro is box in a box system and the idea came from Figaro we just maximized its efficiency to the perfection.

Virtuoso is offered with 7 different standard finishes which includes a grey-ish colors which easily integrates in environment. 5 saturated colors with mind blowing Metallic effect and one never seen Flame Chameleon color which changes from cold grey to all temperatures of flame/spark (from cold blue up to warm red).

World debut at Munich high end show 2019. Virtuoso M will be presented. Different size variations will be added later on.