It’s not always practical to listen to music the regular way. Sometimes it is more interesting to enjoy your music using headphones, however you still do not want the quality of the sound to be reduced. Auris provides you with the right tools to have exactly that.

Drive 2 headphones

The „Extraterrestrial” Headonia 2A3 is a tube headphone amplifier that can be used with all headphones currently available on the market. the amplifier can successfully drive two headphones at the same time, considering you have a 4-pin RXL balanced input and a regular single 6.3 mm input headphone. this feat is accomplished in the best way possible with its impedance units.


Exceptional sound

Sound wise it is an exceptional choice as well. vocals are clean and transparent. the treble always seems to soar and feel endless and most Important it still sounds clear. it won’t even make trumpets and violins sound harsh, the tonality of the instruments is simply exquisite. Only the best technology is used to provide the ultimate sound to excite even the biggest audiophiles. the amplifier simply looks stunning. The leather wrapped aluminium chassis between two beautiful wooden boards gives the whole a modern look. 


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