Belgian Auro Technologies is proud that their Auro-3D will be introduced by Yamaha on its newest Aventage AV receiver platforms: the Yahama RX-A8A and Yamaha RX-A6A. These surround receivers offer 11 and 9 channels, respectively.

Auro-3D and Yamaha Aventage

Yahama implements Auro-3D in their Aventage receivers combining the Auro-Codec decoder and world-class Auro-Matic up-mixer. This will offer users an immersive sound experiences that actually reproduces 3D audio providing a superior emotional experience. It will put you right on the movie set, in the concert hall or at any sport event. All you require is a Yamaha RX-A8A or Yamaha RX-A6A, source and an Auro-3D congigured speaker system.


We broke the mold when we premiered our flagship Aventage series in 2010. Now we’ve reengineered it from the ground up, shattering expectations for what’s possible for an AV receiver to reproduce True Sound.

Yoshi Tsugawa – Senior General Manager, Home Audio Division, Yamaha Corporation Japan.

Important to know is that Auro-3D capable speaker systems, don’t require ceiling speakers. Simply mount the speakers above the exiting surround layers (to the walls) to enable Auro’s unique ‘vertical coherent stereo field all around the listener’.


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