The Duo Mezzo XD is a horn loudspeaker of Avantgarde Acoustic. They have the goal to reach horn technology from bass to high range. And the Duo Mezzo reaches it easily and implicitly. The Mezzo’s sound stage and musical authority is equally so. It’s an example of the fascinating world of full-range horn loudspeakers. The Duo Mezzo is available in different horn colors and different cabinet finishes so you can assemble by preference.


The horn technology

Horn loudspeakers are the oldest and most natural physical principle for rendering sound. Their functionality until today has undeniable advantages over other loudspeaker technologies. It happened more than 100 years ago, when, for the first time, Emil Berliner presented his gramophone to the public. The horn of the gramophone amplified the mechanical oscillations of a pin running along a groove in a disc producing a sound that could be heard by the human ear.


The horn principle

The horn principle is as old as the universe, maybe even older. Everybody knows the horn! In nature the principle of the horn technology is well-known. Our mouth is a funnel, as are our ears. And we form our hands in the shape of a cupped funnel to amplify our voices and to improve the intelligibility when listening. Even the architectural design of the ancient amphitheater in Epidaurus is based on the acoustical principles of the horn. A horn funnel effectively guides the motion of sound waves and thus substantially increases the sensitivity and effectiveness of sound radiations. A horn is the most natural and powerful way to amplify sound.