With its new BM Prime series Backes&Müller has once again set new standards in the conception and construction of modern HiFi loudspeakers. FIRTEC technology, which is known due to the multiple award-winning Line series loudspeakers, is being used for the first time in the current Prime line. The “time-aligned” reproduction technology developed by Backes&Müller is therefore now featured in the Prime models offering a new standard of music enjoyment.


Our cabinet construction with the finest materials is a solid fundament and home for our chassis and drivers. The installed chassis are partly built in-house – for example the mid-tone driver calottes of the BM Prime12 – or manufactured to B&M specifications by specialists in Germany. Incidentally just like all other components as well, even the mounting of the complex SMD-equipped circuit boards are high quality and made-to-measure German craftsmanship.


The design is extraordinary without any extravagance, unpretentious and suitable for every living ambience with our broad palette of different finishes and surfaces. Whether in fine veneers or timelessly elegant black or white, a Backes&Müller Prime series loudspeaker is a statement of good taste in every home. In spite of its pioneering role in modern signal processing no technology is evident, not a screw nor a clamp in sight; nothing that could disturb the design of our timelessly beautiful sound furniture.


The materials used for the inserted chassis are chosen from an acoustic-optical point of view, nothing may only look or sound good and we seek the perfectly balanced combination. Thus the treble driver of the BM Prime series models must not only be extremely performant with plenty of reserve, it sits in an aluminium cylinder that has been worked out of a solid block of aluminium by high-gloss turning technology. This cylinder leads to three advantages in one workpiece. The surface is formed to a waveguide, which makes the cabinet edges of the loudspeaker invisible for the high frequency range. The solid material gives the driver an exact fit without any play or tolerances whatsoever.