The world’s leading trading fair,  518 exhibitors from 42 countries, 20,000 visitors in total, more international then ever, media resonance from all over the world. Okay, enough from the marketing guys! High End 2016 gave birth to something really special. Oh my God, it’s a video blog!!! Is there a better moment to launch a brand new magazine then during the most important event of the year for the high end industry? We named it: “Best of high end”.

Sound and vision can be experienced in different ways. Listening to music or watching a movie is not the same for everyone. “Best of high end” focuses on the ultimate audiovisual experience. Cost is no object, only the final result: goosebumps. Share your passion, while we share our content. Stunning Ultra HD video’s set the tone.

“Best of high end” is a VLOG about high end audio and video. VLOG means video blog. The major part of our content consists of video. Our own productions are published in stunning Ultra HD quality.

Join our quest to gather 1 million audio and videophiles from all over the world.