British loudspeaker company Bowers & Wilkins doesn’t need an introduction. Their Diamond Series is at its 4th iteration right now. The range is not just a bunch of speakers. The Brits like to call every model a renewed icon. It’s what the company wants to be, wants to radiate. Let’s meet those showpieces.

Decades of experience

John Bowers wanted to surpass all his previous models with the first 801 and to amaze the world with this loudspeaker. In the decades that followed, we continued to improve on its original design. However, his passion and pursuit of perfection are still a source of inspiration for us.


A unique heritage

Other speakers play music. The 800 Series Diamond makes music. The loudspeaker has been loved by the record industry for decades and is used by artists and studios around the world for music and movies.


The sound science

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We are critical, we test, we map and we develop. We use computer modeling to optimize our speaker designs and deliver on our pursuit of True Sound. We’ve never been this close.


Beauty and functionality

Our design always has a purpose. Thanks to our decades of research into speaker design, we know exactly how to create the most beautiful sound. And we package this beautiful sound in beautiful designs and four different, luxurious finishes.


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