The Pearl Keshi from French manufacturer Cabasse takes it name from small natural pearl found in Tahiti and the South Seas. This ultra-compact 2.1 connected system combines acoustic performance (think soundstage, stereo imaging, timbre, …) relative to its miniature size. What’s in the box? you get 3 pearls: a connected subwoofer and two satellite speakers. Yeah, we can call it an original design as it sits suspended in the air, limiting the transmission of vibrations to the floor. Colors? Black or white (with no reference to the Michael Jackson hit).


Power to the Pearls

The satellites of The Peal Keshi incorporate a new driver, powered by a 300Watts RMS amplifier per speaker! The design of these speakers allows long excursions and high-power handling for great dynamics. This Cabasse 2.1 connected system is capable of delivering a whopping 1.050Watts RMS of total power (450Watts for the bass). It allows the listeners to feel and experience all the dynamics of their favourite music and/or movies, from the most subtle sounds to the most striking outbursts…without any clipping or distortion.


Cabasse StrealCONTROL integration

The Pearl Keshi integrates perfectly with the Cabasse StreamCONTROL multi-room system. It allows playback of all audio files from MP3, AAC, WMA to the high-definition files such as AIFF, FLAC and ALAC. You can hook the system up easily to more traditional sources such as turntables, CD-players, a NAS, … as well as to online music services.


More details of the Cabasse The Pearl Keshi.
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