The German brand Canton introduces a new member to their Smart series. Smarts stands for wireless and active. On of the new speakers that complements the range is the GLE3.


Dedicated design

Take a look at the attractive design of the GLE3. The fronts are lacquered, you can choose between a white or ash black foiled enclosures. It all adds to the high-quality appearance, If you don’t want to look at the speaker units, you can always hide the baffles behind sound-transparent fabric covers.


Plug and play

Find a nice spot to place the new Smart GLE3, plug into the mains and hook it up to a source device of your choice. Connections can be made through the optical and coaxial digital inputs or the traditional analog RCAs or XLRs. Right. Your wife doesn’t like cables. The Smart GLE 3 can be fed with audio signals wirelessly via Bluetooth thanks to apt-X decoding in CD quality.

What’s under the hood?

Let’s talk power. How about 350 watts of power from Class D amplifiers to fire the 180 mm aluminium chassis woofers, and the 25 mm aluminium-manganese tweeters? Use them for plain stereo or a Dolby or DTS setup.


More details on the Canton Smart GLE3
Visit the Canton website.