What’s in a name? Well, a name can tell you a lot. As in this case, with the Momentum update. The MvX stands for Mass times Velocity, which is the equation for Momentum. You don’t understand? Get some physics classes then!

Upgrades on every front

With the Momentum M400 MvX update, every major section of the amplifier has been updated. Think about power supply, input, driver and output stages. The use of a new kind of transformer winding delivers over 50% more current output which results in more headroom during dynamic passages. A reinvisioned input stage combines a brand new circuit topology with advanced components feeding the driver and output stages. Energizing the driver stage is a new bias stability circuit providing a nearly 50% increase in operating bias. Increasing Class A operation directly correlates to better sound quality. The final output stage features new output transistors that were originally sourced for the flagship Relentless Monoblock Amplifier.


Power to the people

Backbone of the Momentum M400 MvX is a new 2.200 VA linear transformer. This engine drives a nearly 100.000uF capacitor bank providing a 400/800/1.600Watts of power output into 8/4/2Ohm speaker loads. This tank of an amplifier is capable of driving any loudspeaker to its fullest potential! Each monoblock amplifier is hand-built and individually tested in D’Agostino’s Arizona factory by a team of technicians and craftsmen.


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