What’s the biggest problem in achieving our high end aspirations or dreams? Right: our women. In general they aren’t fans of big loudspeakers “filling the room”. Sure, they have an “ear” for quality, but equal attention should be paid on design / aesthetics and size. Here’s our challenge. The search for a true fidelity speaker system that looks and sounds good and doesn’t take up the whole room. Maybe Deluxe Acoustics has found a way to charm the wife and to please the high end enthusiast? Take a look at their Sound Lamps DAL-350 and be surprised.


Sound Lamps DAL-350

By design, the Deluxe Acoustics Sound Lamps DAL-350 are wall-rack high fidelity speakers. Deluxe Acoustics introduces a popular option for a pure, fantastic sound. What a great way to expand your home entertainment system! You just have to choose the color of the cabinet. Flock coating of the spherical cabinet and stand is available in different colors: black, white, grey, blue, burgundy and red.


Frequency response: 30Hz – 22kHz
Sensitivity: 89dB
Power handling: 70 – 120 Watts
Nominal impedance: 4 Ohm
Recommended amplifier power: 50 – 200 Watts
Main enclosure diameter: 350mm
Net weight: 15Kg per piece


Deluxe Acoustics Sound Lamps DAL-350