Loudspeakers and room interaction inevitably introduce unwanted coloration to the sound during playback – colorations which are sometimes either difficult or impossible to remove using traditional electronics or room treatments. Dirac Live is an advanced digital room correction technology that utilizes sophisticated analysis of the speakers and the room to correct these colorations, yielding astonishing improvements in sound quality.

Who is Dirac Live Room Correction for?

Dirac Live® technology is a room acoustics software for both home audio systems and professional audio applications. For instance, Datasat and StormAudio use it for their high- performance cinema and audio processors, ARCAM and NAD use it for an ultimate audio experience in home cinema. Dirac Live room correction empowers any consumer to easily calibrate their own systems without breaking the bank. Dirac Live® and other Dirac technologies are also used in the automotive industry, in manufacturers like Bentley, BMW, Rolls Royce and Volvo.

Using a microphone to analyze the audio system and room, the audio calibration software uses this data to build an acoustic model of the listening environment and detects the deficiencies. After careful analysis, Dirac Live corrects for both the timing and amplitude aspects of the colorations in sound to deliver a uniquely pristine listening experience.

Difference between Dirac Live an DLCT 1.x

How does Dirac Live Room Correction work?

New Dirac Live includes an enhanced phase correction algorithm for improved imaging. Additionally, where the previous version of Dirac Live individually measured the phase of each speaker, this new version also analyzes speakers in pairs. The measurement process is improved as well (and consequently the results) with the possibility of up to 17 measurements and two options for sofa setting (focused or wide imaging).

Supported on Windows 10, MacOS High Sierra/Mojave, iOS, Android.