Blatz Erzetich states:

So, headphones are trending because the personalisation is trending. The individual is in trend. You can see a lot of people walking around on the street with headphones. They want to listen to their music and now we have the technology to listen to music on the go. Also, if you walk into an office or live in a flat, you can’t bother your neighbors or co-workers. Headphones are then an excellent choice to listen to music. It’s only your space of sound.


We have a range of 4 headphone amplifiers that differ by technology, price range and usage. All of them have a common ground and that is to offer a higher level of audio performance. We have 2 Baccilus models, which are our starting models in class AB. Then we have the Perfidus, a class A model. Our biggest model is called Deimos, which is a mono Class A design. It has a digital sound controller, 3 power supplies, XLR and RCA input. It plays really nice!


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