The X Centro Mk II is intended to be used as a centre channel to provide an unparalleled sound performance in its category and price point. It delivers an unprecedented level of musical accuracy in multichannel music systems and home theatres. The design is based on the XC model and is perfectly matched the outstanding tonal reproduction and sophistication of all the Estelon products.


Offering two variants, the X Centro Mk II comes with a ceramic inverted dome tweeter. The X Centro Diamond Mk II comes with a diamond tweeter. All X Series models use high-quality drivers designed and produced by the highly regarded, German driver manufacturer Thiel & Partner GmbH (Accuton).

Take 2 improvements

The X Centro Mk II crossover is revised and it features new and improved resistors and capacitors that offer a wider dynamic range and greater transparency. The new internal cabling is provided by Kubala-Sosna. All filter components are connected directly, via point-to-point techniques, hand-soldered with high-quality silver solder, while using the shortest possible cable runs between drivers, crossover and binding posts.

Vibration eliminating stand

The X Centro Mk II’s integrated stand has a well-designed base, milled from thick billet aluminium. The base is then attached to a sleek, aluminium tube that secures the speaker. This construction gives the speaker the necessary stability to eliminate vibrations and improve fidelity.


The Estelon X Centro MKII will retail at €15.000 ($18.000), the Estelon X Centro Diamond MKII at €21.000 ($27.000).

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