The brand new Focal 100 custom integration collection provides a concrete solution for your sound system at home or at work. Exceptionally discreet, music becomes part of your everyday life.


Dedicated to the home audio market

The Focal 100 Series is mostly dedicated to the home audio market. Three main types of use of built-in products are provided: multiple loudspeakers systems (hallways, living rooms…), stereo systems (bedroom, kitchen…) and Home Cinema systems (in dedicated rooms or living rooms).

Innovation at the know Focal quality level

The products are equipped with a new more compact aluminum inverted dome tweeter and a new Polyglass cone speaker driver. The “in-ceiling” loudspeakers have a new crossover featuring an innovative architecture which improves off-axis listening and reduces the “shower effect”.

Easy to install and invisible

Numerous advantages: a compact design with the speaker driver’s basket and chassis being redesigned as one single piece, square and circular front grilles, frameless, ready to be painted. The products can be installed everywhere in the house even in humid environments such as bathrooms.


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