The story of Genelec started 40 years ago. Ilpo Martikainen founded the company in 1978 in Helsinki.

After some time he decided that Genius Electronics would be good. So Genelec is Genius Electronics. That’s the story behind the name.

Maria Martikainen | Member of the board

Professional audio monitoring has always been the core of the brand’s business. The mission of Genelec is to help their customers to fulfill their dreams by offering them the most truthful sound reproduction possible.

You’ve got your studio monitors which are for work and your home audio speakers which are for fun. When you work, you want a tool and when you are at home you wanna feel good. I would say that a studio monitor tries to reproduce the input signal exactly as it comes in; neutral, faithful and dependable. At home you perhaps you want a little more excitement, more envelopment. Perhaps you don’t want the neutral sound, you want it made bigger and better.

Darren Rose |Senior R&D Specialist Electronics

Genelec’s Smart Active Monitors are designed to make the most of all modern acoustic environments. As studio space becomes limited and listening areas more confined, recordings are taking place in a wider variety of locations, many with minimal acoustic treatment.

You calibrate the system using a microphone and a test signal. You can do the calibration at one listening position or in multiple spots and average the results. As an end result, you get a flat frequency response that’s taking into account you room problems.

Jussi Vaïsännen | Principal Engineer Acoustics

The Genelec range consists of 3 categories: studio monitors, home speakers and installation speakers.

The Genelec studio monitor range has several subsections. You’ve got your classic analog loudspeakers in different sizes and several ranges of SAM loudspeakers. SAM stands for smart active monitor. That’s a loudspeaker with DSP processing which can be networked and controlled in real time.

Darren Rose |Senior R&D Specialist Electronics

The Ones are uncompromised 3-way point source monitors from Genelec that not only promote faster and more consistent production decision making, but also offer longer listening times than a traditional loudspeaker

What’s so special about the Ones is that you have a point source loudspeaker. You have a coaxial tweeter/midrange radiating from a single source, single point in space. Also the woofers, like they are positioned, they act as a point source. So, we talk about acoustically concentric design, which it is.

Jussi Vaïsännen | Principal Engineer Acoustics

Genelec wants customers to experience that they provide the best quality in the industry.

The technical quality of our products is first in class and especially if you look at the Ones, we can say that there are no comparable products in that size range.

Mikko Martikainen | Member of the board

Today’s immersive 3D audio formats like Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X introduce higher demands from content creators. A unique opportunity rises for Genelec.

We can of course say that with the Ones, you’re able to get the maximum performance in the immersive audio system. However you setup your coaxial loudspeaker, you’re still getting the same performance. You won’t have any problems with the drivers blending in as optimally as you have with a multiple driver designs.

Jussi Vaïsännen | Principal Engineer Acoustics

At Genelec they believe that the brand will play a leading role in the AV industry in the coming years.

We are not a mass market player. I don’t think that we will ever be. The AV market is huge, globally. Our place is in a way similar then that of the PRO market, where people appreciate the quality of sound and the long lasting products. Also the technical quality of the products. They are not made of plastic, but out of aluminum. That’s the place that Genelec will be, finding those applications and customers who value the same things that we value.

Mikko Martikainen | Member of the board