Marcel Schechter, product specialist at Audio Export Germany, states:

Hi, welcome. My name is Marcel. We are at the Genelec booth in Munich at the High End show. I’m happy to introduce our new models, based on a model that we launched two years ago. This is the Genelec 8351A, which has been the first speaker featuring a very special coaxial design. Here is the high frequency driver, the midrange driver and here we have two oval woofers behind this waveguide. So this it the basis of what we have launched right now.


These are our two new models. They are even more compact. So for example, this is the Genelec 8331A, so far the most compact three-way design on the planet. The coaxial driver has been completely redesigned because it was not possible to scale down the former design of the bigger ones. So, we have a complete new coaxial design. You can even see the midrange. In the Genelec 8351A it has been hidden behind a special surface. Otherwise it’s quite similar; we have oval woofers and -as we call it- ultimate point source. This means that every sound is imitted starting in the middle. There are no gaps in between and of course the bass drivers have no influence on the midrange and high frequencies.

These models are also equipped with what we call SAM technology; smart active monitoring. So they have DSP filters to compensate for the room influences. We measure the room exactly at your listening position and then compensate for all the stuff going on in your room like room nodes, standing waves and stuff like that. We reach a flat frequency response, both on and off axis. This is really interesting because reflected sound gets colored. This way we avoid this. These are ‘The Ones’.


Visit The Ones mini-website from Genelec.