The finest cinemas of Genesis Technologies Marine are in use on the world’s most exclusive private superyachts to meet the wishes of their most discerning owners – they want the very best in terms of aesthetics and functionality, a challenge we take on afresh each day and that drives us to constantly create new and even more impressive innovations. The range of cinema offerings includes turn-key solutions in all shapes and sizes, yet always tailored to the owners’ specifications.


The Ultimate Expression of Marine Cinema

The potential of modern audio-visual technology is only fully unleashed when the finest equipment is selected and engineered to the last detail. This is what marks the difference between a solution that simply looks and sounds quite good or an immensely refined cinema that provides a profoundly impacting experience.

Room acoustics is probably the most important element for your cinema experience! Nothing can make or break the sound of your cinema or of that of any cabin on the ship more than room acoustics. You may have the very best speakers and amplifiers and you may even have them placed all perfectly, but if your room has poor acoustics, you are far off from creating the perfect sound experience.