As the third-generation heir to Gryphon’s very first loudspeaker, the Mojo S comes with a vaunted lineage that immediately raises exceptionally high expectations.

Fortunately, because it draws heavily on the heritage of the Gryphon Kodo, the latest, cost no object, ultimate experimental test platform, the Mojo S is more than up the challenge, inheriting components, technologies and assembly techniques developing specifically for the Kodo.

Perfect sonic symbiosis

The Mojo S drivers were not chosen because they are trendy, flavour-of-the-month favourites, but carefully selected through comprehensive measurement and listening specifically to form a perfect sonic symbiosis. As a consequence, they require no overly complex crossover network to beat the drivers into submission and compensate for intrinsic shortcomings.

With its distinctive wraparound wings and contemporary styling worthy of the finest domestic interiors, Gryphon Mojo S is available as standard in a broad range of distinctive colour options in multiple layer semi-gloss or high gloss two-pack automotive paint with a very hard surface.

Meticulous attention has gone into the contouring of the baffle and driver surrounds to eliminate diffraction. Sound-absorbent material on reflective surfaces near the AMT high frequency driver prevents diffraction and smearing in the crucial time domain.

Beneath its finely sculpted exterior, Gryphon Mojo S offers an inert, non-resonant platform for the drive units, combining extensive internal bracing and damping material.

The elegant, open string grille discourages attempts by inquisitive fingers to touch the drivers.

The rear of the cabinet is a dual-layer construction of aluminium and MDF. The crossover network is strategically placed inside to help break up internal standing waves. The inside side panels are damped with bitumen and the tweeter’s own chamber is critically damped with a mixture of felt and wool.

The speaker terminals are Gryphon’s proprietary five-way terminals also found on Gryphon’s finest loudspeakers and amplifiers.

Unlimited Options

Gryphon Mojo S offers virtually unlimited custom finish options. Assembled using proprietary techniques, Gryphon products offer a service unique in the audio field: SideSpin, the ability to personalise your choice of finish not only at the time of original purchase, but also to replace side panels at any later date to keep pace with your evolving personal style and interior décor.