For four days, High End 2016 and Munich was once again the meeting place and global focus of the international audio industry. The attendance of exhibitors rose again, this time by 3% compared to the previous year. The crowds gathered as usual at the gates, which is why this great increase can rightly be called spectacular. Just as sensational was the international and diverse presence of the trade visitors who had travelled from every continent in the world. But this is easy to explain, because only the High End fair in Munich offers such a comprehensive view of the entire industry, and all the real movers and shakers are guaranteed to be there. The High End proved its status as the most popular international fair for the industry and underlined its leading position with record numbers of exhibitors and guests. Not only the global players, but also a large number of small audio specialists showed that their keenness to develop new products is as sharp as ever.

Here’s where we took a quick peek: Sennheiser, Bang & Olufsen, Boya Volya, Sonitus, Kimber Kable, Gato Audio, Diapason, Panasonic, Dynaudio, Don D’Agostino, Focal, Kef, Soulution, Crystal Cable & Siltech, JoSound, Vitus Audio, Alluxity, MSB Technology, Estelon.

Save the date for the next High End: from 18th to 21st May 2017.

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