With the Start-Up Area, the organiser HIGH END SOCIETY Service GmbH was able to develop a stage for rising newcomers in the audio industry. On a group stand provided by the organiser, early-stage companies will be showcasing their fresh ideas and examples of successful technology transfer. Among the applications submitted for this-year’s HIGH END, the organiser selected eight promising newcomers, who will present acoustic mirrors, aesthetic loudspeakers and turntables with a cutting-edge design, among others.

Soundsclever label

For those seeking an entry level into high-end entertainment electronics, the Soundsclever label has been offering helpful guidance in the hi-fi world for several years now. The initiative of the HIGH END SOCIETY provides recognition to complete playable audio systems offering extraordinary sound performance for less than EUR 5,000. Various producers and distribution companies put together different systems that they will present at the HIGH END under the Soundsclever label. The solutions range from strictly digital to superior analogue systems and thus represent the exciting diversity that the industry has to offer.


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