International Audio Holding is the company behind the globally renowned and prolific brands Siltech and Crystal Cable. Although two different brands, they share one ultimate goal: to create the best possible musical reproduction through high-end cables, loudspeakers and amplifiers. Their products are distributed in over 50 countries, reviewed by the most renowned reviewers, showcased at high-end shows around the world and designed, engineered and crafted by a specialized team in a small town in The Netherlands.

Crystal Cable

Every Crystal Cable product is renowned for its elegant appearance and flawless finish. But the products are also renowned for its clarity of concept, advanced technology and the elegance of its engineering. These are products where the beauty really is more than just skin-deep.



Siltech’s legendary cables and amplifiers set the standards that others strive to match – because of the standards we set ourselves. The company constantly invests in the best materials, the latest tools and the most accurate measurement technology – so that you know exactly why their products sound the way they do.


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