In this fifth part we asked the Metronome CEO: ‘How will the personal audio(visual) experience evolve in your opinion?’.

You know, I have a story to tell. When I came here to the show, I took a taxi and we talked about hi-fi and so on… There was an amazing question from the taxi driver. He asked me: ‘Hi-fi, does that still exist?’. I’m telling you this story because I really believe that we must see the future in terms of simplification. People will love having less boxes, less cables. This will be the global trend. All those different things will make place for streaming and high resolution. The only thing that makes the lives of companies like us complicated is that regarding high resolution audio, there is no agreement between the big companies like there were with the CD 30 years ago. I’m talking about agreeing with a lot of companies to one signal format. High resolution audio is more complex. I think that herein lies the limit of the market and for people to move to hi-res streaming. It’s really so complicated with all the different types of files: FLAC, Wave, AFF, MQA, DSD, … So again, the future lies in simplification, maybe more hybrid products and of course hi-res audio.


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