What becomes a legend? Time and tide have been generous to the Western Electric 300-B. This low-distortion class-A triode enjoys a legendary reputation for luxurious sound in both single-ended and push-pull configurations. When the last Western Electric® 300-B was manufactured in 1988, music lovers here and abroad frantically purchased them until none remained. Other manufacturers produced 300-Bs but they didn’t embody the sound quality of our fabled WE 300-B.


Balanced, Powerful and Refined

The WE 300-B’s sound is balanced, powerful and refined with quality bass from the lowest frequencies through the upper bass. The midrange above is a thing of beauty; dulcet tones, seductive vocals, instruments of all types dimensional and present, all heightening the participatory elements of music.

Burnished and Beautifully Seductive

High frequencies are at once transparent, lovely, sweet, burnished and beautifully seductive. The air and space between performers is extraordinary, performers appear on a quiet and focused soundstage whose width and depth are masterfully rendered. You don’t have to search to find the sweet spot with a WE 300-B amplifier, it’s all around you.


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