The newest LG OLED television generation is called the Signature OLED G6 series. In this “Top of the line” series LG offers 2 models: the OLED77G6V and the OLED 65G6V. As the name suggests, we’re talking about a 77 inch model and a 65 inch model. High end screens are dependent on color. The LG OLED7777GV features everything specific to a true high end television: perfect blacks, color and contrast perfection. LG claims the screen can reach a dynamic range of up to 20 stops! I know by heart that if you boost a RED cinema camera to its maximum potential, it can record 18,5 stops of dynamic range. It’s safe to say that this LG OLED77G6V is future proof where HDR is concerned. Let’s take a look at the rest of the key features.


Picture on glass

Only OLED’s revolutionary construction is so thin and light that the screen can be bonded to a transparent pane of glass. This unique television architecture is simply stunning and means there is nothing to distract your attention from the incredible picture you are watching.

Perfect Black

Organic self emitting pixels achieve the deepest levels of black due to their unique ability to completely switch off, so no light is emitted or passing through the pixel. This brings a huge range of contrast to your screen, bringing shades and colors to life in a way that LED TV technology cannot match.

Perfect Color

OLED pixels create an astonishingly accurate and wide color range which is presented on the perfect black background only available from self emitting pixels. This combination provides the most incredible true to life color reproduction that you have to see in order to believe.


OLED is the perfect platform for HDR. When something is shown in HDR, colours and contrast are enhanced so the picture is closer to your eyes’ full potential. OLED technology is the best partner for this process thanks to contrast levels that are unlike anything else available today. This is the future of television picture quality.


Here’s a link to the complete LG OLED TV range.