Several years of research and development were needed by Liedson to develop this high-end DAC audio server “ORATORIO”. A timeless design entirely designed and made in France. A visual and sound aesthetic incomparable. The covers are machined in a noble wood chosen specially and individually for each device. All products are assembled by hand (PCB / soldering / wiring / machining).



The importance of clock selection is critical to the overall performance of a DAC. Any jitter (tiny timing variations) or noise, will cause the DAC to perform analog conversions at incorrect and variable rates, resulting in clearly audible negative effects..

The ORATORIO uses crystal oscillators specially manufactured, according to very specific specifications. These oscillators provide dramatically lower jitter and noise compared to standard components. Two separate oscillators for 44.1 KHz (44.1, 88.2, 



The digital-to-analog conversion is performed by a texas instrument circuit working in “DirectPatch” mode, this mode being used to cancel any noise and other digital artifacts..

The digital section is isolated from the analog section, with separate power supplies and separately regulated for each. Particular attention is paid to the layout of the circuit and the selection of components. A quality conversion starts with a clean, stable, low-noise power supply. A discrete dual power supply 


Like our gold plated PCBs, the choice of the internal component remains a crucial element. In particular Takman (REX) resistors or Nichicon KZ type capacitors are essential to guarantee uncompromising musical quality. Each component is matched by hand.