Danish brand Lyngdorf Audio announces its first custom installation loudspeakers: 4 models in the ‘Discreet Series’, 3 models in the ‘LS Series’ and the BW boundary woofer. All models will be available in Q1 of 2022.

The new Lyngdorf Audio custom installation speakers will complement our offering to the CI market in the Lyngdorf Audio range, as we want to become a one-stop supplier of products for high performing residential sound systems. With this line of CI speakers, we have met the demands from our partners to expand our product portfolio with a flexible range of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers of the same no-compromise quality as our multichannel processors MP-40 and MP-60 2.1.

Anker Haldan, CCO of SL Audio A/S

Lyngdorf Audio D-500 full range speakers

The D stands for ‘Discreet’. The D-500 models are designed as full range custom installation in-wall speakers. They each have 2 passive woofers to complement the midrange and treble. This allows the unit to reach a bass response below 50Hz. It’s an upright, vertical speaker. The D-500 Center features the same drive units, but in a horizontal design to better suit placement below a television of behind a transparent screen.


Lyngdorf Audio D-5 surround speakers

This model is designed as a two-way speaker with a midrange and soft dome tweeter in a versatile square cabinet. The units are mounted close together for even radiation. The D-5 IC features an angled, adjustable tweeter. With the square cabinet, the sound can be beamed towards the listening area when used as height or top speakers for immersive audio setups. This makes positioning the speakers in front, at the sides or behind the listeners more easy.


Lyngdorf Audio LS-100 line source

LS means ‘Line Source’. These type of speakers are specifically designed for installations reduces floor and ceiling reflections are needed. They can disperse a uniform sound for the best sound experience. This is usually the case with longer and wider listening areas. Four LS-100 modules combined create a line source, providing a speaker with high resolution, high dynamic range and high sensitivity. The seating height doesn’t matter as much because of the multiple tweeter and midrange drivers. The sweet spot opens up in all directions.


Lyngdorf Audio BW-20 passive boundary woofer

The BW-20 is a high performance passive woofer with two 12 inch woofers in a large, stiff cabinet. It can be used as a subwoofer or LFE in custom installations. You can place the unit in wall or in room. Make sure if you place it in the room, that it’s near the wall boundaries or even right in the front corners. This method gives you the best impulse response and takes advantage of the room acoustics. With a frequency response from below 20Hz up to 500Hz, these woofers can be integrated with different types of front speakers and any crossover filter type. The BW-20 can handle power of up to 700 Watts.


More information about the Lyngdorf Audio custom install speaker range.
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