Will you get excited if Audi announces their new S-line version of let’s say … the A5? Ah, you’re more the RS-line type? OK, sorry, then better click on the next article. Or maybe not! Magico is famous for their Q and S line. There’s some movement in the S line: two models have been enhanced, revised and better made. We’re talking about the Magico S5 MKII and S1 MKII. Let’s get into it.

Magico S5 MKII and S1 MKII

They might look the same to you. Actually they look quite the same to me too!? The measurements are 117cm x 23cm x 25cm for the Magico S1 MKII and 122cm x 36cm x 38cm for the Magico S5 MKII. Is this a marketing stunt? We don’t think so. Let’s take a closer look to see what’s under the hood.



First up: the eclosure. Ok, it’s still made from aluminum (S1 MKII: 1cm thick | S5 MKII: 1,3cm thick). To control the resonances even more, a curved top panel and newly designed footplate have been introduced. Both models get the diamond coated Beryllium membrane tweeter, derived from the mighty S7 and M project. The S1 MKII is a two-way system, the S5 MKII a three-way system with 4 (double bass) units. The ultra nanotec cone material has reached it’s 7th generation. Linear cone excursion of the bass units has dramatically improved to 1,5cm. To further optimize the filter design, the lastest Finite Element Analysis Simulation Software has been used.


How about finishing? This article or the loudspeakers? The Magico S1 MKII and S5 MKII can be delivered in a number of matte colors (M-Cast) or a more luxurious high gloss finish, based on paint (M-Coat). Now we know how they can look, but how do they sound (in comparison)?

Magico S5 MKII product page
Magico S1 MKII product page