Marten designed the M•Amp Mono Power Amplifier to create the perfect companion and sound for their speakers.

Joint venture

M•Amp Mono Power Amplifier is a joint venture between Leif Olofsson, chief designer of Marten, and Patrik Bostrom, founder of the design house Anaview AB in Sweden, now CTO of Abletec A/S. He developed a revolutionary new loop linearization technology called AMS (Adaptive Modulation Servo) that M•Amp is based on.


AMS Technology

Using the revolutionary AMS technology, the M•Amp delivers a powerful, transparent, musical sound utterly free from distortion.

The core of the Marten amplifier is an inverting globally self oscillating class d stage. This class d stage is a load independent wide bandwidth (-3dB @ 120 kHz) first order modulator, switching at 600 kHz, with a constant loop gain of 30dB all the way up to the switching frequency. The result is a true delay line, which displays very wide bandwidth and fast transient response.


The AMS is connected to the positive and negative inputs of the core amplifiers modulation stage, acting to eliminate the imperfections of the modulation. The gain of the core amplifier cannot be affected by the servo so the wide bandwidth first order behaviour of the class d modulator is perfectly preserved. The servo has flat 20dB gain up to 20 kHz, creating a constant linearity in the audio band.


To ensure no compromise to excellence is made, two independent channels are used in a balanced configuration.The result is a truly exceptional amplifier with a very wide bandwidth, ultra low noise/distortion, high output power and very low losses.