The Metronome Audio DSC1 is a top high-end D/A converter and the first device of Métronome’s new range “Digital Sharing”, featuring an entirely new design for the Métronome Brand. As a hybrid device, DSC1 will allow you to read music on your local network, through an Apple iOS or Android DLNA compatible Apps. DSC1 reads native DSD up to DSD512 and of course all PCM files up to 32 bits/384 kHz.


After the Music Center 1, here comes the next big step for Métronome : the Digital Sharing new range. Introduced at the HighEnd Show in Munich last May, the basics of this new range is to offer the audiophile hybrid products allowing to stream music.

New innovative range = New design

The DS range will be on top of Métronome products, introducing a new shape of housing, in order to differentiate these products from the classic range. The case is made of 100% massive aluminum, 100% made in France.


The first DS products is a converter : Digital Sharing Converter 1 = DSC1

DSC1 is before all a high-end converter, which performances can be considered superior to the existing classic C8 +. It integrates 1 AK4497 of the latest generation per channel, and is powered by 4 toroidal transformers. It decodes PCM up to 32/384 and DSD up to x8 (DSD512).


DSC1 is also a network player

For those audiophiles who already has moved to hi-res, DSC1 allows to browse music from local networks (NAS, or shared computers), and is TIDAL and QOBUZ ready through the advised app mConnect. For more convenience but much less audiophilic , DSC1 can also play directly from Apple terminals through Airplay.

DSC1 is proposed at retail price of 17,900.00 euros.


Visit the Metronome website.