In a previous article I was saying that there are DACs and DACs. MSB Technology is one of the best companies out there when talking about DACs. Their newest program is called the MSB Technology Select DAC II. The MSB Technology Select DAC is more or less like a blend of the best of the Analog DAC and the best of the DAC V. It combines the Analog DAC construction, user interface and modularity with the DAC V’s upgradeability and refined sound taken to a whole new level. It offers the most life-like sound possible. It has a level of realism never heard before. Both the DAC and Power Base are milled from a solid billet of aluminum in the MSB Technology factory. Both inputs and outputs are modular and user replaceable. It features the new MSB Hybrid DAC modules, the Galaxy clock, a whole new digital architecture, new volume technology and a new direct coupled output stage.


The Select program

The Select DAC is MSB’s reference DAC for the future. It is all new and promises great potential for continued development and improvements. Right out of the box it dramatically exceeds all the company has done to date, and it is still new and developing. But don’t worry, you can upgrade as often as you want, so you will never be left behind. The Select model comes with a 10 year warranty and upgrade guarantee so as MSB Technology makes improvements, you can return your DAC and get the latest performance without having to worry about selling the old model and buying the new one. These upgrades are simply the difference in cost between what you paid for your DAC and the current Select DAC for the remaining years.

The MSB Technology Select DAC has amazing resolution. In fact, for the first time ever you can just barely hear the quantization noise of a CD, a noise that disappears with 24 bit sources. The clarity and the absence of any texture “between the notes”, that “dark background” are all attributes ascribed to this MSB Technology Select DAC. All the circuit boards are assembled in-house. The Select Power Base is quite remarkable. It contains two independent supplies. One for the digital and one for the analog sections.


Visit the MSB Select DAC homepage.