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Kalista EA The Pure Sound

30 years after the first bookshelf loudspeaker was developped by Métronome Technologie, Kalista creates EA, an acoustic loudspeaker with the purest design, leaving place to amazing acoustic performances. The ex...

Ortofon MC Winfield Ti cartridge

Ortofon has now extended the range of the Exclusives Series to include the brand new MC Windfeld Ti. In continuation of the Ortofon design tradition and the new paradigm in engineering and manufacturing, Ortofo...

Bang & Olufsen Beolab 50 speaker

Continuing the endeavours to create the future of sound, the new BeoLab 50 delivers truly exceptional performance with innovative sound controls and a uniquely unfolding design. A high-end active loudspeaker wi...

Estelon Extreme Legacy Edition

The pursuit of excellence is a goal shared by many but achieved by only a select few – a fact that inspired Estelon’s Founder and Chief Designer, Alfred Vassilkov, to undertake his own personal voyage of discov...

Gold Note P-1000 preamplifier

Gold Note is introducing P-1000, the first line preamplifier they ever made, available from September. The Gold Note P-1000 is an innovative ultra-balanced Class-A preamplifier powered by a new proprietary Six ...