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Vitus Audio SS-103 power amplifier

The Danish company Vitus Audio presented their new SS-103 power amplifier. This stereo power amplifier is an addition to the Signature series and replaces the SS-102. Musical experience true to the performance...

LG Signature OLED TV OLED77G6V

The newest LG OLED television generation is called the Signature OLED G6 series. In this "Top of the line" series LG offers 2 models: the OLED77G6V and the OLED 65G6V. As the name suggests, we're talking about ...

Sennheiser HE1 reshapes excellence

Back in 1991 Sennheiser created what they called "The best headphones in the world". A bold statement. They called them Orpheus. A fitting name, to say the least. Now, today, in 2016, they've done it again. Sen...

Vienna Physix Diva Grandezza

What do you think when you read the following quote: "It's the curve that appeals me, free and sensual."? These are words from Oskar Niemeyer. And no, he's not talking about a beautiful woman. Time to meet a go...

Crystal Cable Next

When I first read the article of the Crystal Cable Next I was surprised. Their slogan was quite ingenious. Taking high end sound along with you. How about that! Smart thinking from the guys at Crystal Cable. Wh...