The inter-industry UHD Alliance (UHDA) group has assessed the new Panasonic DX900 as meeting a whole range of tough picture performance criteria including resolution and high dynamic range (HDR) performance as well as image precision, wide color gamuts and more.

Premium rating

The UHDA’s Ultra HD Premium rating is designed to help consumers see at a glance which TVs are best equipped to handle the cutting edge picture formats ready to set new standards of quality in 2016. To make sure the DX900 is fully up to the challenge of meeting the exacting requirements of the UHDA’s highest performance grade, Panasonic’s engineers developed new hardware and software innovations for the DX900 that take LCD picture quality to places it’s never been before. In fact, the DX900 manages to combine, for the first time, the extreme brightness that’s an LCD’s strong point with the sort of contrast and black level response that people used to love about Panasonic’s plasma TVs.


Are you nits?

The new panel design can deliver its brightness peaks across more of the screen than conventional HDR LCD TVs. Panasonic calculates that the DX900 can hit 1000 nits across a much wider portion of the screen than other HDR screens launched to date have been able to achieve. This means that consumers get to see a much more dynamic and vibrant image that really unlocks HDR’s spectacular potential.

HCX+ video processor

While the DX900 is literally built for HDR, you will still for now often find yourself watching content that hasn’t been made in HDR. Cue the brand new Panasonic HCX+ (Hollywood Cinema eXperience plus) processing chipset, which works even harder and is more accurate than the previous 4K Studio Master Processor to deliver images that faithfully reproduce the pre-HDR Rec 709 industry video standard.

Smart TV Features powered by Firefox OS

A new Firefox OS update will be available later this year for the DX900 UHD TVs. This update will include a new way to discover Web apps and save them to your TV. Several major content providers such as Vimeo, iHeartRadio, Atari, AOL, Giphy and Hubii are excited to work with Mozilla to provide TV optimized Web apps.


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