In part 4 of the interview eter Lyngdorf introduces the Lyngdorf FR-1 loudspeaker.

Peter Lyngdorf – CEO Steinway Lyngdorf: The Lyngdorf FR-1 is designed to work together with the TDAI-2170. It’s an on wall speaker. It’s designed to work extremely well with a flatscreen TV. People put a sound bar near their flatscreen TV. We already have the TDAI-2170 amplifier which has HDMI input. It works seamless with your television. When turn on you television,  the sound comes from from our amplifier, that’s all integrated.


With RoomPerfect, we can make an on wall speaker that works a lot better than a freestanding speaker. When it’s on the wall, you don’t get any cancellation of the sound coming from the front of the speaker to the wall and coming back again. You even get more power. From a relatively small speaker we can get quiet a lot of power, great precision in dynamics. It’s perfect for a really good television sound. It’s an alternative for a mid prized home theatre system. It’s only stereo, but super high fidelity. And it has the RoomPerfect technology in the amplifier. It was a tempting product to make. For the price and with our amplifier, it works exceedingly well. It works with other amplifiers as well. It’s already quiet successful.


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