In this 5th part Peter Lyngdorf introduces the Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 amplifier.

Peter Lyngdorf – CEO Steinway Lyngdorf: The Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 still uses the full digital amplification technology. This means that volume control is done by adjusting the voltage of the power supply, so we have full the dynamic range at any normal playback level. We have the same sound at 0,5 Watts or 400 Watts … which is unusual, impossible to achieve in any other way. In fact it’s all the same technology that we were using in the Millennium amplifier, now with a very sophisticated switch mode power supply. The noise ratio is 137dB! That’s important, because the amp itself is extremely quiet. With a fully digital amplifier, we don’t have a feedback loop to get any noise out of the system. So it’s a very sophisticated power supply. That’s the power section.


Next is RoomPerfect. We also have a low frequency output for a subwoofer or woofer system. You can do woofer/main speaker integration using RoomPerfect, do a proper time alignment between the woofer and the mid/high speaker. That is one thing that RoomPerfect can do, flawlessly, every time. You can make your sub and mid/high system work together like it’s one speaker. I think we’re the only company in the world who can do it. We nail it every single time. Every other system that tries to combine a subwoofer with main speakers you’ll have to set a very low crossover frequency -which is kind of a waste- or you have to manipulate, go for try and error and end up with something that’s maybe ok. But we can nail it every time. That’s a huge feature. The smaller amplifier has that too (TDAI-2170).


So, the TDAI-3400 has tremendous power, is quiet compact and has so much additional features that I don’t think I can remember everything. For example: HDMI input, high quality USB input, 384kHz DSD input, … We have a new feature, in combination with RoomPerfect. Now, you can make a pre-voicing for your loudspeakers. With RoomPerfect typically we assume that you bought the speakers that you really like. Your room problem will be fixed with RoomPerfect. Imagine that you always thought that you’re speakers had a little bit too much midrange, a little bit too much bass overall. Now, you can adjust that before you do RoomPerfect.


We have a web interface to control the amplifier and you can adjust your speakers own response before RoomPerfect. Then you can do RoomPerfect and your own voicing. You may find that for movies you would like a bit more ‘oomph’ in the bass. We have standard settings for that, but you also design your own. If you want to play exceedingly loud, you may want to make sure you’re doing to much in the lowest frequencies and so on… So there are a lot of things you can do. It has a headphone output, with a very sophisticated EQ system, so you can adjust the tonality of your headphones to suit your personal taste or for a better balanced sound. That’s also included. HDCP provides communication between the amplifier and your TV. If you have it hooked up in combination with your TV and when you turn on your TV, you can change the volume with the TV remote seamlessly. You don’t have to think about it. When your wife turns on the TV, she’s using your wonderful amplifier at the same time.  She doesn’t has to do anything special for that. It has Bluetooth, web interface, it will do Roon streaming,… I don’t think that there’s much it can’t do. I probably forgot something. It’s a wonderful product and it has a very powerful DSP section, with a lot of extra capacity. I know that our engineers are brilliant, so they’ll probably come up with a few software updates down the road that you can download or the unit connected to the internet will download it by itself. We will have some additional features and neat capabilities in the future.


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