Jim Aud from Purist Audio Design states:

My name is Jim Aud with Purist Audio Design. I’m the CEO and founder. The company was founded in 1986. The nickname of our cables, when we started, was the water cable because we use a liquid jacket of fluid around the cables. At this show we have 2 new products that we’re introducing. The first one is here; it’s the Dominus Diamond revision. The Dominus Diamond is an outstanding product, it incorporates Furutech plugs and Contego. Contega being Ferox and fluid that surrounds the conductor of the wire. It also has Nano Technology that runs through the cable, which lowers the resistance of the cable and makes the physical cable quieter.


Our second product that we have at the show is our Impressa Silver. The Impressa Silver headphone cables also features the silver Nano Technology. This results in an incredible clarity? Just … to listen to it. You’ll hear things that you never thought even existed before.


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