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Erzetich Perfidus review

After returning the fabulous Rega RP-10 turntable for a photo shoot with my colleague, 3 cardboard boxes were waiting for me. Inside were the headphone amplifiers from the brand Erzetich. It’s a company in Slov...

Graditech G & Voima 1 review

You just gotta love the internet. I met Sauli Liitiäinen online. We got connected through Messenger. Yeah! Those things do serve a purpose. We started talking about high fidelity, active monitoring, mixing, hig...

Vitus Audio SIA-025 review

Are you ready to make a journey to Denmark? No, we're not taking a holiday in the Nordic. Let's set a musical course to the Danish manufacturer Vitus Audio. The brand owner and designer of all the products is H...

Sennheiser HD800 review

Headphones are the perfect embodyment of the individual audio experience. We watch our kids listening to music on their smartphones. The level of that experience is determined by the quality of the used earbuds...

Rega RP-10 review

I have to be honest with you, I still remember my parents’ Dual turntable and the fun experienced while listening to the fairy tales from the Efteling, a Dutch theme park, and later on Jeff Wayne's musical vers...