The Rosso Fiorentino Volterra reference speaker is one of the cornerstones on the way to reproducing reality. The Reference series represents the quintessential expression of RF’s design where the concept of elegance, in technology and look, is seen as the key to performance.

The brand name explained

Rosso Fiorentino was one of the most talented and unconventional Florentine artists of the early 16th century. He assimilated the innovations of Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raffaello but went on to experiment with a freer technique and more abstract forms. His paintings forcefully express the strength of the colors, the sophisticated interpretation of the details, the luminosity of the reflections and an underlying artistic rigor.


Acoustic presence

Sharing much of the technology of its smaller sibling the Fiesole, the elegant, 2.5-way compact floor standing Volterra has an even more authoritative and refined acoustic presence, thanks also to an original acoustic loading design which can be described as a hybrid vented mid-woofer + closed box woofer. The 6-1/2″ and 8″ Nomex woofers are held in place by means of a vibration-damping system. This feature allows an efficient control of structure-borne vibration, resulting in commanding, sharp and controlled low frequencies. The 28mm hand treated silk dome tweeter has a highly controlled and damped behavior within its bandwidth, providing a sweet, natural and accurate sonic signature. This component is easily combined with the woofers through the use of a complex and efficient crossover circuit made of meticulously selected components and placed in an isolated and well-damped box at the center of the system structure.

Ultrasonic generator

The beautifully finished brushed aluminum front panels add mass and great rigidity to the structure and are also designed to house an ultrasonic generator which is dedicated to the reproduction of the ultrasonic frequencies beginning to function at around 22kHz and goes up to 100kHz. This driver further enhances the “atmosphere” and naturalness of the reproduced sound. Today, the availability of a highly extended frequency response as found in the Volterra is even more interesting, with the advent of new high-resolution digital formats alongside vinyl.


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