Are you seeking to enhance your experience of home entertainment and unlock the full potential of your home audio equipment? Great news! Sennheiser has launched the next generation of its popular HD 500 series headphone range. The range is powered by the audio specialist’s proprietary transducer technology for excellent sound performance. Take a look at the enhanced ergonomics for exceptional wearing comfort and contemporary good looks.

Sennheiser HD 500 promises high-quality home entertainment audio

The new series includes three open-back designs, the HD 559, HD 579 and range-topping HD 599. There is also the closed-back design; the HD 569. All four models allow the listener to enjoy their choice of home entertainment. Exceptional wearing comfort is assured, thanks to the large ear cups and soft, replaceable ear pads. The headphones are created with Sennheiser’s “Ergonomic acoustic refinement” (E.A.R.) technology.  This way the audio signal is channelled directly into the ears of the listener for a more satisfying listening experience.

Our HD 500 series has been an immensely popular choice for those wishing to step into a new world of high-quality home entertainment audio. We are excited to refresh the range with great new designs and enhanced comfort that makes indulging in your favorite music or TV series all the more pleasurable,” said Robin Schweizer, Product Manager Select at Sennheiser. “As increasingly discerning consumers seek out richer formats such as Ultra HD video, Sennheiser is committed to creating audio solutions that make high-quality sound just as easy to enjoy every day.”


Sennheiser HD 599, HD 579, HD 569 and HD 559 models

Offering a step into the world of audiophile sound, the HD 599 is a premium headphone for those seeking sophisticated sound, design and build quality. This top-of-the-range model impresses with a natural spatial performance. Model HD 579 delivers a similarly high-quality performance, providing a real step up for a smart home audio investment.

Models HD 559 and HD 569 are the ideal choice for listeners seeking an optimal blend of all-round performance and quality. The HD 559 serves up a satisfying deep bass sound, while the closed-back HD 569 provides a rich and clear bass, but adds further flexibility by making it possible to enjoy a personal experience of great audio without disturbing others. The HD 569 also includes an optional 1.2m cable with an inline microphone and remote optimized for mobile devices.


The new Sennheiser HD 559, HD 569, HD 579 and HD 599 will be available from September 2016.

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